If you have happened on this site as a receiver, please note, many of the people who volunteer time, talents and resources may have been receivers before.  Everyone needs a little help and good deeds in their life.  Undeniably, those good deeds are nothing more than people who have, sharing with people who have not.  Good deeds people is about giving.  Give and you shall receive. What a beautiful way to live.  



If you know of anyone that could use  good deeds such as help with employment, food, clothing or encouragement,  point them to this site.  We partner with mentors, and advocates in the Greater-Indianapolis area helping seniors, and all those that we can lift up. Additionally, if you know someone who likes doing good deeds, point them to this site.  Can you imagine if everyone who had anything extra to give would give?   Join the Good Deeds People movement and make a material positivie impact in the lives of others today!