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Middle of the Year update

GDPeeps has to thank Denise Mail for volunteering to get healthy food to those in need on the east-side of Indianapolis. We send a special thanks to Terry, although in a wheelchair due to an accidental shooting (a child shot him while playing with a gun), he utilizes his wheelchair accessible van to pick up food and coordinates with helpers on the east-side of Indianapolis to get healthy food to seniors and single mothers. GFS workers are always willing to bring the food to his van. Our newest volunteer is Joey. She (who also has a slight disability) is picking up on the South side from our newest donor Red Lobster. Some of our seniors will be able to have seafood! Joey, Terry and Denise aka China Doll, are the kind of selfless people that help Good Deeds People reach more people. Lastly, Harvest Prayer Center Church has been a huge blessing partnering with us to help get food and resources to those needing a hand up. Our volunteers are the best aka GDPeeps!

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